leading policy making and REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT


Strategy design, policy making, design of governance models, foster regional development, local systems of innovation.

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policy making

We advise governments at national and sub-national levels, providing in most cases support for the design of economic development policies and strategies to promote structural change through advanced industrialization strategies, as well as support for SMEs growth and the establishment of business ecosystems, business internationalization policies, cluster development and the design of investment and innovation funds and processes to boost entrepreneurship.

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governance models

We have supported the design of different types of governance models taking into account public-private partnership approaches and multi-level and multi-stakeholder models, avoiding institutional silos and institutional redundancy, and increasing transparency and commitment. These models have been designed to overcome specific complex issues that often arise when drivers and institutions have different mandates in the same territorial realm.

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regional development

We design different instruments to reduce regional economic divergence, as well as to promote policies that support change at the base of industrial complexity and improve regional capacities to create appropriate laws and institutional environments to encourage local and foreign investment, we design specific strategies to increase the endowment of territorial capital (infrastructure, education, enterprises, etc.) to support the emergence of leading regional economic development processes, as well as to support sustainability and to enhance the quality of the commons.

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urban analytics

We design analytical frameworks and digital instruments to support the complexities linked to manage complex urban and city structures and regional management to support local entities of improve its management tools and analytical frameworks to support city and territorial management and transformation. Our services includes models of predictive urban expansion, spatial calibration models, KPIs design for local and regional authorities and ad-hoc solutions to support analytics and digital transformation within governmental institutions. Several of our models are under S/A intellectual property.

About Us

We are experts in applied research and advisory to governmental institutions, multilaterals, companies and business associations in the areas of business development, strategic foresight, policy making, governance models, local systems for innovation, industrial development strategies, internationalisation  and digital transformation and analytics.